Offsite backup tape storage for media tapes and hard drives

Almost every business stores information digitally. If something unexpected happens, backup tape storage is essential to ensure business continuity. Your data is your business’s most important asset. Managing your backup data efficiently, safely, and securely is more crucial than ever. That’s why TIMG offers traditional offsite tape storage and tape vaulting as well as a portal for managing your backups. Our secure backup tape storage mitigates the risk of damaging data loss or privacy breach. Be secure in the knowledge that your business can recover any lost data should something untoward occur.


Is backup tape storage right for you?

  • Are you worried about business continuity and revenue loss?
  • Do you need to backup your business data offline through a secure vault-based storage facility?
  • Are you paying too much for your existing tape vaulting services?

Features of TIMG's backup tape storage services

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Safe and secure

TIMG is a trusted third-party provider with specially-built vaults, offering safe and secure offsite tape storage across New Zealand. Our vaults feature regulated humidity control and air conditioning, along with anti-static floor coverings and a full gas/flood/fire suppression system as well as dual combination vault doors and full intruder detection systems which operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Additional services

In addition to backup tape storage, our media storage service offers rack space, tape sales, hardware, connectivity, and escrow storage. Our online systems provide you with easy access and transparency to enable you to monitor tape movements and schedules as you see fit. All media is scanned each step of the way, providing you with a full activity log for audit purposes. All tape movements are undertaken by vetted and trained security personnel. TIMG can also assist with data destruction, restoration, conversion, and degaussing.

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Client plan

At TIMG, we’ll develop a comprehensive client plan according to your specific needs.

  • A thorough analysis of your situation will be undertaken by our experienced team to determine your specific offsite tape storage requirements
  • A full business proposal will be provided, outlining our recommended solution and relevant features. Our solutions can be tailored to your needs – we can undertake as much or as little of your information management processes as you require and our flexible pricing structure will reflect this
  • Case studies or customer references can be provided as necessary
  • A client orientation tour of our secure offsite tape storage facilities can be arranged if required
  • Upon approval, a customer agreement is provided to overview relevant terms of service, major deliverables and responsibilities and to set in place key success metrics or KPI’s. This document also overviews our business hours, location(s), contact information, typical response times and FAQs
  • Client contact, location and billing information is input to our systems
  • A delivery schedule is agreed upon (daily, weekly, monthly or other). TIMG store, transport, manage and retrieve your media on demand
  • Client users are loaded to our SAFE Media Storage platform. User details and passwords are provided to the client and training on the platform is undertaken
  • Reporting options are available upon request
  • Key TIMG support personnel are assigned to the client and a contact schedule is determined
  • Regular contact by the TIMG team will be undertaken with a view to proactively improving our service offering

Offsite Backup Tape Storage Enquiries

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  • Please provide as much detail as possible

What our customers say about us

Offsite backup tape storage services available nationwide

We have TIMG branches located in Auckland, Hamilton, Hastings, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

TIMG can also assist with data destruction, restoration, conversion and degaussing. Check your local TIMG branch details for a full list of locations serviced by each branch:

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