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We’re dedicated when it comes to Litigation Support and eDiscovery services. Across New Zealand and Australia we spend our days processing hundreds of gigabytes to help lawyers see the trees, not the forest. ESI (electronically stored information) processing is not limited just to the legal profession however and these tools can be applied to many other organisations facing similar challenges. eDiscovery applications and technology enable businesses to pull information and records from the massive volumes of content that span the enterprise.


Is this solution right for you?

  • Do you need to process large amounts of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)?
  • Do you need to digitise and process hardcopy documents?
  • Do you want an easy to use web based review platform to help you search, identify, locate and examine your data?
  • Do you need assistance from consultants who have years of experience, a high level of technical knowledge, sound matter management skills and a proven track record of getting the job done?

Features of TIMG's litigation support and eDiscovery services

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ESI data processing

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) refers to all the information stored on computers and other digital storage services. ESI in the form of electronic documents, e-mail, voicemail, instant and text messages, databases, digital images, multimedia files and file metadata is increasingly relied upon as evidence. Lawyers are challenged to trawl through large volumes of ESI in order to find relevant information for their case. TIMG's eDiscovery platform brings large volumes of ESI under control quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Using a combination of proven industry standard technology and inhouse software applications, we extract metadata and process electronic files in native or image format. Our ESI processing services include Early Case Assessment (ECA), extracting documents to native format and rendered images (TIFF/PDF), extracting documents for print, post processing (document conversion, document stamping, OCR etc) and technical support.

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Hardcopy processing and scanning

Although the majority of information currently created is stored in digital format, there still is a substantial volume of hard copy documents that may be used as evidence. A printed version of an electronic document may be marked up by hand or annotated, creating a unique document existing only in hardcopy. TIMG provides services that digitise hardcopy documents. All our hardcopy processing solutions are secure, flexible and scalable.

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Review platforms

While there are many software products currently available, the question is deciding which ones suit you best. Our philosophy is that the costs of technology must be proportionate to the legal costs incurred on a matter. The cost of hosting should be proportionate to the productivity gained and overall cost savings when compared to traditional discovery practices. That's why we offer a range of easy to use web based review platforms to give you everything you need to efficiently manage your evidence without the hefty price tag. Our review platforms contain all of the features you would expect to find in a purpose-built litigation support system, including: rights management, search: metadata and document text, support for both native files and converted images, ability to create subsets, front end import and export, bulk code and update, tag and categorise documents and workflows. We'll help you set the parameters of your discovery by assisting you with identifying, locating and examining your evidence.

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There’s every chance you’ve done all this before and won’t need our help in this area. But if a couple of hard drives (or USBs) have just landed on your desk and you have no idea where to start, we can offer assistance. You can engage us either on an ‘as needs’ basis or integrate our consultants with your litigation team. We’ll bring our industry-leading expertise to assist you with everything from negotiating and drafting of exchange protocols, matter management and technology, to strategy and advice in relation to reviewing documents.

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Print and copy services

There are always circumstances when you will need a printed set of documents. Whether you're using Ringtail, Relativity, Doculitix, Summation, Delium or EDT to review your documents, or a CD or USB has just landed on your desk, we can produce a hard copy for you to review it in depth or brief counsel or an expert witness.

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Project plan

A unique and comprehensive project plan will be developed according to your specific needs:

  • Initiation: statement of work, project definition
  • Analysis: business requirements specification, risk analysis and mitigation, functional design
  • Development: Detailed design, test plan, programming and system development
  • System testing: end to end testing, user acceptance testing, user sign off
  • Implementation: Documentation, operations, handover, production, establishment
  • Go-live: ongoing production documentation, day to day production
  • Post Implementation Review (PIR): end to end review

Litigation Support and eDiscovery Enquiries

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  • Please provide as much detail as possible

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