Stay secure and compliant with e-Waste disposal

TIMG’s e-Waste service provides you with peace of mind that sensitive data residing on decommissioned computer or storage equipment is not able to be accessed by the wrong people. Our e-Waste service renders the equipment useless, protecting any data still stored on the device. Ensure your compliance and the security of your data.



Is this solution right for you?

  • Do you need to dispose of decommissioned computer equipment or media?
  • Do you require high levels of security in the destruction of hardware or electronics that may hold sensitive information?
  • Would you like a solution that can be tailored to households, small businesses or large corporates?

Features of TIMG's e-Waste service

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You have an ethical obligation to your clients and stakeholders to properly destroy personal and sensitive information when discarding or transferring ownership of old hardware. This procedure, done incorrectly, can lead to a company’s theft of identity. Just 1 GB of data can equal as many as 675,000 pages of information. With a secure point to point transport solution, TIMG provide a complete chain of custody. We also have the highest security processes in New Zealand (including security cameras, licensed security personnel, secure vehicles and secure facilities). A Certificate of Destruction is issued for your records (if requested) confirming the secure destruction of your hardware. See our Security and Certification pages for more details.

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TIMG are members of i-SIGMA (International Secure Information Governance and Management Association) and our Wellington branch is NAID AAA certified for secure destruction of information contained on media such as paper, micro media and physical hard drives. In New Zealand, TIMG is the only i-SIGMA member that holds AAA accreditation. At our other nationwide branches we destroy documents and media with compliance to NAID AAA standards.

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Our solution

From a single hard drive through to multiple IT asset decommission and secure disposal, TIMG has the solution for you. The destruction of media is to the highest security standard in New Zealand, which means there is no way your data will ever be able to be read or accessed. The process ensures your IT equipment has no data residing within it when it is securely disposed of or recycled, depending on your preference.

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Secure digital media destruction

TIMG ensure physical destruction of digital media to particle size. Solutions can be tailored for households, small businesses or large corporates. An optional service is available to back-up your data to our secure cloud hosted platform prior to destruction.

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Client plan

A comprehensive client plan will be developed according to your specific needs:

  • A thorough analysis of your situation will be undertaken by our experienced team to determine your specific requirements
  • A full business proposal will be provided, overviewing our recommended solution and relevant features.  Our solutions can be tailored to your needs – we can undertake as much or as little of your information management processes as you require and our flexible pricing structure will reflect this
  • A client orientation tour of our secure facilities can be arranged if required
  • Upon approval, a customer agreement is provided to overview relevant terms of service, key responsibilities and to set in place key success metrics or KPI’s. This document also overviews our business hours, location(s), contact information, typical response times and FAQs
  • Client contact, location and billing information is input to our systems
  • Reporting options are available upon request

E-waste Enquiries

  • If enquiring on a personal basis, put 'Personal'
  • Please provide as much detail as possible

What our customers say about us

e-Waste destruction services available nationwide

We have TIMG branches located in Auckland, Hamilton, Hastings, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Check your local TIMG branch details for a full list of locations serviced by each branch:

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