Scalable cloud storage and secure cloud backup for disaster recovery

BackOnline offers online data back-up and full disaster recovery (DR) solutions for large businesses, SME’s and individuals with personal computers or laptops. The solution caters for anything from single server failure to full site failure with both off-site and on-site servers. We are able to design scalable and customised solutions to create a cost effective data back-up and disaster recovery solution that best suits your business. BackOnline is ideal for all types of organisations including remote sites, and offers advanced technology and an affordable solution.


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Is this solution right for you?

  • Are you paying too much for your disaster recovery services?
  • Are you worried about business continuity and revenue loss?
  • Do you need to restore sensitive data securely?
  • Do you want to reduce your recovery time with a proven and cost-effective solution?
  • Do you want FREE testing of your disaster recovery?

Features of TIMG's cloud storage and disaster recovery service

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Our solution: BackOnline

TIMG’s reliable, managed back-ups allow you to recover files and restore entire servers in minutes, not days. Our secure offsite data storage offers dual datacentre replication, premium encryption and high level data security along with free DR activation and testing. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your solution is being delivered by an experienced and established Kiwi company, with NZ based data centres and 24/7 technical support.

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Set and forget

Each night your days’ worth of incremental data changes are backed up across your internet connection to a remote server. A detailed report is then emailed confirming successful completion of your scheduled backup. This process is ‘set & forget’ and runs automatically with no human intervention required, eliminating problems induced by negligence.

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Quality and safety guaranteed

Not only is your data uploaded to two NZ located data centres, a copy of your backups are also stored at your site on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, enabling speedy restores either from the NAS, or from across the internet via the web based software. This robust design guarantees an extremely high rate of successful restoration.

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Security and privacy

TIMG HA is also a fully managed online backup service. It is an enterprise-grade backup platform designed to maximise the security and availability of your data. Technicians monitor the status of backups on a daily basis to check for any faults. The backups are automatic and fully encrypted with a key set by your organisation for your privacy.

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Tailored solutions

TIMG’s specialised online data backup solution can be tailored to your business requirements and is available across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

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Project plan

A unique and comprehensive project plan will be developed according to your specific needs:

  • Our expert team will define your particular requirements (including customised options)
  • Assistance with business continuity planning (BCP)
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • 30 day free trial and post trial review
  • A customer agreement is provided to overview relevant terms of service, major deliverables, key responsibilities as well as standard operational details such as contact information, response times and FAQ’s
  • Ongoing assistance form our account management and support teams

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