Secure premises, processes, and personnel

Security first

TIMG manages sensitive records for both Government and corporate clients, who by default, demand the highest level of information security and process auditability/transparency of both physical and digital information.

TIMG premises and processes have been built, tested and approved with the utmost security in mind and strictly adhere to industry guidelines and regulations.

Storage facilities

All storage facilities are located as far as possible from known natural and man-made disaster risk zones. A disaster management plan and procedure is in place, kept current and known to staff. Staff are trained in emergency procedures to protect and salvage records.

Hazards are identified and preventative measures incorporated in the design and management of our records storage facilities.

There are comprehensive fire protection systems and equipment in facilities, which are compliant with the New Zealand building code.

We maintain environmentally controlled vault’s which are utilised by customers to store records of high value.

Security access

As we are first and foremost a security company, we take our security measures very seriously. Our purpose built security facilities are focused on information management. All facilities are fully fenced and equipped with CCTV monitoring and intruder alarm systems.

Access in and around facilities is controlled through a card control system. Visitors can only enter through “man traps” that work on a similar principle to an air lock – the two foyer doors cannot be opened simultaneously.

External building security

  • Reinforced concrete walls
  • Fully monitored 8-wire 10,000-volt electric perimeter fence
  • Electronic access only. PIN number and proximity reader entry on all external doors
  • All external doors have an automatic duress code permanently enabled
  • CCTV coverage of all external areas
  • All CCTV cameras are connected to an electronic monitoring and recording system
  • All external doors are constructed in steel
  • Access is restricted and is by appointment only

Internal building security

  • Interior walls are constructed with reinforced concrete
  • All interior doors are accessed by electronic means – proximity card reader and/or PIN numbers
  • Full intruder alarm system
  • CCTV coverage of all entry/exit points/sensitive areas
  • All CCTV cameras are connected to an electronic monitoring and recording system


The physical security of our vault facilities include some or all of the following:

  • Equipped with CCTV monitoring
  • Intruder alarm systems covering all areas
  • All doors are controlled by proximity reader entry
  • Front entrance man trap
  • Vehicle traps control vehicle access
  • Dual combination vault doors
  • Vibration sensors in vault walls

Vault storage area fire rating and fire protection systems

The fire protection systems used by our vault facilities are as follows:

  • Gas suppression systems
  • Dual heat and smoke detection systems monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Vault storage area environmental parameters

The environmental features of our vault facilities includes some or all of the following:

  • Constructed from solid concrete
  • Anti-static floor coverings
  • Pre-entry dust removers
  • Static neutralisers
  • Dust filtration system
  • Air conditioning system set at 21° celsius
  • Humidity set at 48%


Each TIMG employee undergoes a comprehensive recruitment process to ensure their suitability to work in a high security environment. This means that all staff members have clean credit, driving, and criminal records and are compliant with the ethical and confidentiality requirements of our business.

Assessment methods include credit history, drivers licence history, criminal history and personality testing. All our operational staff are uniformed and carry identification at all times.

TIMG carries a Company Licence to run a business in the private security industry, as defined in the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act.  As such, all TIMG staff carry a current Certificate of Approval and have been security cleared by the Ministry of Justice and the NZ Police.

Vehicles (for Records Management)

Special features of our records vehicles include:

  • Vehicles have auto locking and alarm systems and are designed and built to comply with the New Zealand Security Association standard for protected vehicles.
  • All vehicles are specifically operated and constructed under the NZSA Code of Practice “for the Conveyance of Cash Bullion or other similar valuables” to protected vehicle level.
  • As a standard we have one Security Officer responsible for an allocated vehicle. This Security Officer is trained to maintain security and integrity of the vehicle and its contents. These standards are checked on a regular basis by our Operations Managers nationwide.