Digitise your documents so you can access them online.

Businesses often rely on paper documents to store their information. Many documents come with a legal obligation to hold them for up to 7 years. Over time this can take up a lot of space, which makes digitisation the obvious option.

Eliminate inefficient paper processes

Spend less time on manual data entry

Quickly access your information online

All types of documents scanned and digitised

Scanned documents can be provided in a variety of formats and text becomes searchable.

Even if your document type isn’t listed here, get in touch and we’ll likely be able to help.

Company files

Microfiche scanning

OCR and scan to PDF

Personal documents

All sizes up to A1

Charts, books & more

We can digitise documents from any sector, at any volume

Legal documents

Get your wills, deeds, NDAs, affidavits, contracts, and agreements digitised

HR files

We can scan employment agreements, personnel files, payroll information, and any other HR file that your business may be holding.

Financial documents

From invoices and receipts, through to tax returns, balance sheets, and cash-flow statements – we help you organise them digitally.

Engineering papers

All your building plans, technical documentation, inspection reports, and QA files digitised.

Paper files are slow to access

Paper documents take up unnecessary space in an office or warehouse, and run the risk of being damaged. By retaining just the hard copies of documents, it takes longer to find and share them. It can be frustrating when you know the file you need exists, but you have to spend a whole lot of time searching for it.

We believe business-critical documents such as contracts, client files, and historical records should all be easily accessible digitally for your business or organisation.

Digitise your documents with TIMG's professional scanning bureau

TIMG’s imaging bureau allows you to outsource the risk of errors and ensure that you get high quality scans, with proper naming conventions, and don’t miss a page.

We convert your physical files and records to indexed digital documents, making them easy to search, retrieve and organise. You’ll receive your files in a digital format, making electronic keyword searches quick and easy. 

File digitisation

Our most widely adopted imaging service provides the conversion of business files and records to digital images and associated metadata.

Data capture

TIMG offers enhanced data extraction services, for complex indexing requirements. This can include new client contracts, application forms, or invoices.

SAFE digital

Hosted in New Zealand, and replicated to a back-up data centre, SAFE Digital is a robust platform for accessing your images securely.

High security protocols

Our advanced software and hardware, combined with our very high security protocols, deliver a wide range of advanced workflow tools.

Scan your files so you can quickly access them anytime, anywhere


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We’ll have a short chat about the types of documents you want to digitise. We’ll discuss things like naming conventions and whether you want black & white or colour scans.


Have your documents

We’ll pick up your documents and scan them at a TIMG imaging bureau. We’ll remove staples, tape, post-its and anything else that may interfere with the scanning process. We’ll produce a ‘like for like’ image that meets the requirements of the Public Records Act 2005.


Access them online
fast & secure

After a quality assurance process, your files will be named according to your specifications and provided in an output based on your requirements. Options include: our secure hosting platform (SAFE Digital), SFTP transfer or encrypted USB drive.


After digitisation, you can store the physical files with us, have them destroyed, or get them securely returned to your premises.

Get in touch with a digitisation specialist. See how easy it is to get your digitisation sorted.

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