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In regions affected by Alert Level 2 or 3 we are servicing all clients (except those deemed unable to operate safely). We are following Government advice to limit the number of staff onsite, therefore it is best to contact us via our online enquiry form. If you need to contact us URGENTLY AFTER HOURS, please call us on the numbers listed below.

Level 2 & 3 Details of Operation

We are operational under Alert Level 2 & 3 and are servicing all clients (except those deemed unable to operate safely).

We have limited staff onsite so for all enquiries during office hours, it is best to contact us via our online enquiry form

If you need to contact us URGENTLY AFTER HOURS please call us:

Auckland Vault: 027 484 4777

Auckland Records: 027 224 3805

Hamilton: 027 442 1156

Hastings: 021 113 2425

New Plymouth: 027 404 2981

Palmerston North Records: 027 674 7503

Palmerston North Other: 027 226 1157

Wellington Destruction: 027 495 0999

Wellington Vault: 04 498 2162 OR 027 518 9303

Wellington Records: 027 220 1179

Christchurch: 027 285 6291

Dunedin: 027 405 7428

BackOnline: 09 280 3561 – Option 1 (for emergency backup and DR support)

BackOnline: 021 022 984 10 (all other queries)

Transform Solutions

We securely transform your business information, allowing it to be turned into knowledge

Our Transform range of solutions are designed to give your business the leading edge.

From imaging and document capture, data extraction, customised workflow solutions, eDiscovery, app development and much more – TIMG has the solution to help you convert your data and information into a valuable resource.

In our vision of the future, we see a world that securely streamlines information, leveraging business data through efficiency, order and accessibility.

Manage solutions

We securely manage your information so you gain visibility and control whilst meeting compliance regulations

At the heart of any business is its information. Whether it is paper based records or digitised data, it is critical that your business information is protected, compliant and secure.

Our range of Manage solutions are designed to give you the visibility and control you need to manage your information, meet regulatory requirements and gain peace of mind that your information is protected.

Our Manage services include records management (document archiving), secure third party logistics, media storage, cloud storage and disaster recovery.

TIMG Destruction Services

We securely destroy sensitive information to ensure it does not get into the wrong hands

Have you thought about what happens to your confidential information or items once you no longer need them? Although this information may no longer be valuable to your business, it is critical that sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands.

Our Destroy range of solutions ensure no security threats arise from discarded information.  These solutions include destruction services for documents and e-Waste, bulk paper and other non hazardous material such as staff uniforms.

Our solutions

Find out more about our Transform, Manage & Destroy solutions for intelligent information management

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