Free up your finance team's time with automated accounts payable

Automating your accounts payable function offers many business benefits such as more sustainable paper usage, a reduction in labour costs, improved accuracy, providing a complete audit trail for compliancy purposes and most importantly freeing up finance team time so that they can focus on more strategic issues.

Our accounts payable tool (PaperLite) provides the right solution to streamline accounts payable processes and meet these challenges head on.


Is this solution right for you?

  • Do you face delays in processing invoices for payment?
  • Do you rely on a large volume of manual data entry in your accounts payable process?
  • Would your business benefit from visibility on the status of invoices anywhere across your business at any time?

Features of TIMG's automated accounts payable service

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Our software: PaperLite

PaperLite accounts payable allows you to quickly apply technology to your accounts payable processes to gain control and add automation for cost savings, quality management and scalability. PaperLite accounts payable is designed to be an end-to-end solution helping to maximise results. By capturing invoices at the beginning the payment process you eliminate many of the challenges associated with managing paper documents such as errors or double entry.

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Document handling

PaperLite accounts payable automates your receiving document processing. Documents first are scanned into the system and routed to users responsible for identifying issues that require vendor notification and resolution processing. Approved receiving documents are stored in a queue where they are retrieved and matched to invoices to complete the reconciliation process. By doing this, PaperLite accounts payable eliminates handling errors and reduces the cost of processing receiving documents.

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Approval processing

PaperLite accounts payable automates the invoice approval process. Vendor invoices are scanned into the system which initiates an approval workflow process. The system provides visibility to related purchase orders and receiving documents required to complete the reconciliation and approval process. The result is invoices paid correctly on time with no more over-payments or lost discounts, adding bottom line dollars.

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Document retrieval

PaperLite accounts payable provides the tools that allow single click retrieval of accounts payable documents from within other core applications. This seamless retrieval provides productivity gains, eliminates complex training needs, and extends the value of your existing technology investments.

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Coding automation

PaperLite accounts payable streamlines the invoice coding process. Approved documents are queued for coding operators and distributed to them on demand. With PaperLite accounts payable the coding takes place directly from the invoice image and allows for load balanced distribution, supervisory oversight, and operator productivity reporting. This eliminates the hours of tedious reconciliation of cost accounts that coding errors create.

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Unlimited users

PaperLite accounts payable comes with unlimited users so everyone who needs access to your invoice approval solution gets it.

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PaperLite accounts payable provides process control, reporting capabilities, scalability, and most importantly, cost-savings. Most business processes are labour intensive and prone to human error. With PaperLite accounts payable that all changes. By using PaperLite accounts payable workflow you can configure your processing rules one time and the solution applies them consistently, every time a new item enters the process.

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Project plan

A unique and comprehensive project plan will be developed according to your specific needs:

  • Initiation: statement of work, project definition
  • Analysis: business requirements specification, risk analysis and mitigation, functional design
  • Development: Detailed design, test plan, programming and system development
  • System testing: end to end testing, user acceptance testing, user sign off
  • Implementation: Documentation, operations, handover, production, establishment
  • Go-live: ongoing production documentation, day to day production
  • Post Implementation Review (PIR): end to end review

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