Recycling with TIMG

TIMG are committed to sustainable practices and to ensuring our impact on the environment is minimised. To assist our clients in this space, TIMG works to reduce and recycle waste through our secure and environmentally friendly document destruction services.


Why recycle?

We know that businesses in New Zealand are increasingly prioritising their sustainability goals and objectives to ensure that accountability is taken for the environmental impacts of each process within their business. TIMG are determined to support our clients in this pursuit, significantly reducing the volume of business waste being sent to landfill by disposing of paper waste responsibly.

TIMG’s current environmental initiatives focus on recycling paper to pulp, without compromising the security of the information held within these physical documents, files and folders.

We are committed to developing further sustainability programs and are constantly investigating ways in which we could facilitate other responsible practices in our secure day-to-day operations.

Freightways Sustainability Report

In this year’s Freightways Sustainability Report, we have put on record how we are taking responsible actions to align directly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that we believe in. Read the report here:

Freightways Sustainability Report 2020-21

Paper recycling

A metric tonne of paper recycled, we save an immense amount of resources.

What is the process?

Once paper has been received into our secure destruction facilities it is sorted into different grades and then passed through our shredding machines to be destroyed. It is then compressed into bales and sent to a paper mill to be recycled to pulp. Following that, the pulp is taken to a paper recycling facility to be made into these items (amongst others):

Paper destroyed by TIMG is recycled into

A group effort

TIMG is part of the Freightways group of companies. Together with Shred-X we contribute towards a collective recycling effort which generates substantial paper waste reduction for businesses.

Source: Freightways 2018 Annual Report

How can you help with paper recycling?

Dispose of your paper and documents in an ethical and secure manner! Just as you would recycle plastics, glass, cardboard and aluminium, ensure that your documents, files and folders are diverted from landfill via secure and easy recycling.

Instantly order one of our secure document destruction bins online today to start your paper recycling journey.