We're Into Eco-Friendly Document Destruction

 Document destruction is a core component of our data protection services. Security is always top of mind, from the provision of onsite secure bins to the bulk destruction of records and documents. And, in recent years, sustainability has also been a priority.

TIMG is owned by Freightways, a New Zealand brand synonymous with express package and business mail services. The company also encompasses information management services through TIMG, including offsite records storage, cloud storage, disaster recovery and document destruction. 

15 000 organisations across Australasia have engaged TIMG to handle their information security, including document destruction. Managing that particular process for so many companies means we create a lot of shredded paper and we’re often asked what becomes of it. As we’re all becoming more environmentally conscious, it is a very fair question. We have the perfect response: paper recycling. 

Recycling is very much in line with the actions outlined in Freightways most recent sustainability report. TIMG contributes to these actions by sending our shredded paper to be recycled to pulp, but we are always aware of the need to preserve the security of any information contained in physical documents, files and folders. While our clients appreciate our efforts to significantly reduce the amount of paper going into landfill, their primary concern is the protection of their sensitive data. Fortunately, we’re able to meet their requirements, while fulfilling our obligations under the aims of Freightways sustainability goals.   

Once the paper is received into our secure destruction facilities, we sort it into different grades and put it through our shredding machines. The shredded paper is compressed into bales and sent to a mill to be recycled to pulp, which is then taken to a paper recycling facility and transformed into a wide range of items we all use every day, including toilet paper, facial tissues, egg cartons, paper bags, and white copy paper for printers.

We have calculated that every metric tonne of paper we recycle on our clients’ behalf saves:

  •  13 trees
  •  4100kW of energy
  •  2.5 barrels of oil
  •  31.78kL of water
  •  2.4t of carbon emissions
  •  4 cubic metres of landfill space

The recycling of our paper significantly reduces the volume of business waste and, as you’ve seen in the list above, has positive environmental impacts. But it’s just the start. We’re constantly looking at ways to become even more sustainable in our day-to-day operations. But no matter what we do in the future, it has to be secure. If you want to discuss document destruction or any of our other data protection services, get in touch and find out more about how we combine security with sustainability.