TIMG Backup for Microsoft Office 365

When it comes to your 365 data, Microsoft states that it is your own responsibility to back it up

Your Microsoft 365 data could be at risk

Recovering data to a specific moment in time, especially in scenarios like data corruption or cyberattacks, is not always possible without a third-party backup solution. While Microsoft offers some protection against accidental data loss, it does not guarantee protection against user errors, malicious activities, or ransomware attacks that can permanently delete or corrupt data.
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Get backups & DR across all your major platforms

Protect yourself against accidental or malicious data deletion, data corruption, and ransomware attacks

By implementing a third-party backup solution for Microsoft 365, organisations can enhance their data protection, meet compliance requirements, and have greater control over their backups, ensuring they have reliable and recoverable copies of their data in case of unexpected data incidents or disruptions. Our solution protects your critical Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams files
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TIMG secures systems across the public & private sector

TIMG Cloud Backup Services

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Data Protection Consultancy

Get in touch with one of our experts today to build out the right Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions for your business.

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TIMG Disaster Recovery

Backups have a delay with service restoration however with near continuous replication of your infrastructure, you can mitigate downtime.
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TIMG Office 365 Backup

While Microsoft is responsible for keeping their platforms running, backups of this service fall on your business. Protect your 365 data with Veeam powered backups.
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TIMG Object Storage

The volume & types of data have grown beyond what most traditional storage architectures are designed to handle. TIMG Object Storage is secure and scalable - Amazon S3 compatible storage.
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TIMG Cloud Connect Backup

Fast, secure, cloud-based disaster recovery. Suitable for mission critical data and applications - without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining your own DR site.

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Cloud to Tape

Managed Tape-as-a-Service solutions are economical and reliable. They are one of the most popular choices for offsite backups and long-term retention.

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TIMG partners with industry leaders

How it works


Speak with a consultant


Implement backup or disaster recovery strategy


Get peace of mind with your systems safe & secure
A consultant will be in touch to understand your setup and offer improvements to your current backup and disaster recovery strategy
Considering backups to cloud and/or tape, failover/failback, high availability and disaster avoidance – we’ll put together a plan to suit your business

If disaster does strike, we’ll be on standby 24/7 365 to assist with restoration of your data in line with your RTO & RPOs

Consult with our experts

When you partner with TIMG, you won't receive an off-the-shelf solution.

You’ll gain access to genuine industry knowledge and expertise. Our consultants have worked with numerous companies across diverse sectors in New Zealand & Australia. Our engineering team will be at the forefront, consulting with you to tailor a data backup or disaster recovery solution that perfectly suits your organisational requirements.

  • Experienced engineers who truly understand your needs
  • Leverage years of experience and cutting-edge technology
  • A dedicated account manager serving as your primary contact
  • Our implementation team conducts live proof-of-concept demos
  • We can oversee the entire process, from onboarding to handover, with efficient project management.
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12+ years in cloud and SaaS solutions to corporates and Enterprise Across Australia and New Zealand. Women in ICT Awardee and an Entrepreneur finalist.

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15+ years extensive experience working in the ICT industry in various management and technical roles, with a focus on storage, networking and virtualisation.

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8+ years experience in the ICT industry
3+ years designing, implementing, and supporting Veeam Backup and Replication solutions.

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8+ years Electronics & Computer Design Engineer
5+ years Network Infrastructure and Project Manager.

Talk to a cloud backup & disaster recovery specialist and get your first month backup for free

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