Document Digitisation For Smarter Records Management

What percentage of your business records are of significant and ongoing value? 5%? 10%? Of course, you are legally obliged to hold onto a certain amount of material for reasons of compliance, but instead of filtering your documents down to the ones you need to keep, do you simply hold onto everything? If you do, that adds up to a lot of paper, and all of the inefficiencies associated with storing and accessing these documents. As specialists in records management in New Zealand and Australia, we have a digital solution to this cumbersome and impractical practice.

Document digitisation is one of our most widely adopted services and involves the conversion of paper files and records to digital images and associated metadata. This includes the digitisation of your newly created files, as well as historic records and data. These services are tailor-made for businesses who need to constantly access information from their stored documents and want to vastly reduce the time it takes to do so.   

In conjunction with our imaging services for digitising files, we also offer you enhanced data extraction services for complex indexing requirements e.g. new client contracts, application forms, or invoices. Once these are scanned and indexed, we provide the images and extracted metadata in the required format for a seamless upload into your CRM, financial system or Enterprise Resource Planning platform. This scanning and data capture service is able to automatically classify document types and can extract data from a wide variety of documents. 

When it comes to viewing and electronically archiving your scanned images, our SAFE Digital web portal is a secure platform that allows you to safely perform these functions. SAFE Digital is hosted in New Zealand and is replicated to a backup data centre. It’s the perfect solution for accessing your files securely.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have inefficient paper-based processes with a high level of data entry?
  • Do you have files that require offsite storage but must also be accessed quickly and/or frequently?
  • Have you tried to manage document digitisation in-house but ended up with backlogs or incorrect metadata capture?

If the answer to any, or all, of those questions is yes, then it is time to contact us and discuss the benefits of document digitisation. It is records management made smarter and more efficient, and as Australasia’s leading provider of this service, we’re the first and only company to call.