Cloud Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions will ensure Business Continuity

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Disaster can strike at any time, without warning. Being prepared requires an in-depth plan and thorough testing.

We help ensure your business has a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place should disaster strike.

‘TIMG Disaster Recovery solutions and plans support Veeam, ShadowProtect and other backup software.’

Disaster Recovery Backup Solutions

We’ll get you back on track

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Disaster Recovery Plans

We will ensure your business remains operational after being struck by an unforeseen event such as a cyber-attack, power outage or natural disaster.

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TIMG Veeam Cloud Connect

Store your data to a hosted backup repository in the cloud.

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TIMG High Availability

Restore entire servers in mere minutes through image-based backups of systems, software and files.

Why is a Disaster Recovery plan so important?

Disaster Recovery plans keep you operational when the unforeseen happens. Earthquakes, flooding, deliberate attacks or loss of power may mean you lose access to your servers and company data. Failure to prepare for such events can result in major financial losses as well as disruption to your business. TIMG Disaster Recovery plans mitigate the risk of the unforeseen and get you up and running again as soon as possible.

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Main benefits of DR


Log in Remotely

Log in offsite and continue working from unlimited restore points* (TIMG HA)

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Easy Testing

Your DR plan can be tested for effectiveness without impacting production environments


Recovery Time Objective

Through discussion and planning with our team you will define your own Recovery Time Objective


Recovery Point Objective

Through discussion and planning with our team you will define your own Recovery Point Objective

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TIMG Veeam Cloud Connect


Veeam Cloud Connect provides a secure, simple and cost-effective way to get your backups offsite without having to manage an offsite infrastructure.

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Quick Recovery

Recover data rapidly from our NZ data centres.

Flexible Storage

A variety of storage and archive options available. Works across any virtual or physical environment.

Verified Protection

Guaranteed recovery of all data.

Data Security

Almost continuous data protection and efficient recovery or restores at an item, file and image level.

Cost Effective

Reduces labour and administration costs.

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TIMG High Availability


TIMG HA takes snapshots of your servers and uploads them to the cloud by utilising the capabilities of StorageCraft ShadowProtect and StorageCraft ImageManager. Restore your servers in minutes from this image-based data. Included is a custom web console for visibility into the backed-up images stored onsite and offsite.

Low Complexity

Easy to use software that gives you access to your data in our NZ data centres, fast.

Rapid Restore

Restore individual files to entire servers from image-based backup.

Future Flexibility

Upgrade your service level easily with our tailored solutions.

Secure and Local

Encrypted data is stored in our NZ-based high-security data centres.

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