Digitlise your documents with secure document conversion

During the disruptive period businesses have faced in the past few years, secure document conversion services could have helped minimise the impact on day-to-day operations. Temporarily losing access to physical documents during lockdowns or being away from the office can be frustrating and restrictive. Physical documents also lack the ability to be accessed by multiple people at the same time. To ensure that each of these scenarios is mitigated, you could convert documents via digitisation with secure document imaging.


Give your employees fast, simple, 24/7 access to all the business information they need with one click. Quick file and document scanning provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient document conversion results. Our advanced software and hardware, combined with our high-security protocols, offers a wide range of advanced workflow tools. You can choose from our scan and store or scan and destroy services.


Our imaging service provides digitisation of business files and records and associated metadata. This can include the digitisation of historical files and records, files in progress or newly created, or a combination of both. These services have proven to be most effective for companies that need quick access to information from archived documents and want to reduce the time it takes staff to manually search and retrieve files and documents. In addition to our visualization services for digitizing files, TIMG also offers advanced data extraction services for complex indexing requirements. This could include new customer contracts, requisition forms, or invoices.


After scanning and indexing, we provide the extracted images and metadata in the required format for seamless upload to your CRM, financial system or ERP. Our scanning and data collection services use various character and information input methods to automatically classify document types and extract data from various documents. Our SAFE Digital web portal is a secure platform for viewing and archiving scanned images electronically. SAFE Digital is headquartered in New Zealand and replicated in a backup data centre, providing a reliable solution for securely accessing your images.  



  1. Reduce inefficient paper-based processes
  2. Access files quickly and securely
  3. Decrease time spent on manual data entry



Easily convert your business files and records to digital images and associated metadata:

  1. Digitisation of historical files and records, ongoing or newly created files, or a combination of both
  2. Quickly access information from stored documents
  3. Reduce manual searching and retrieval of files and documents


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