The e-Waste Checklist: Are My Electronics Being Destroyed Securely?

For some years now, e-Waste disposal has been the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. As our reliance on digital devices grows at an astonishing rate, it’s fair for us to say that it will never slow down. This further highlights the connection between disposal and data security. As more laptops, computers, servers, smartphones, printers and monitors are disposed of, the more risks there are that all the data they contain will become visible to those who shouldn’t see it.  

Security matters. Just 1 GB of data can equal as much as 675,000 pages of information. When that data is accessed by those who have no right to do so, the potential for a major data breach is considerable. As specialists in safe and compliant e-Waste disposal, this isn’t an issue for our clients. A truly secure e-Waste disposal service will render unwanted equipment useless by protecting the data that might remain on the device. This should include the secure collection of the items followed by physical destruction of digital media to particle size – some businesses simply wipe the data from the equipment, leaving the item at risk of not being fully cleared and potentially accessed. In addition, we offer an optional service that allows data to be backed-up to a secure cloud-hosted platform prior to the destruction of your e-Waste.

E-waste providers should take every step to ensure data remains secure and invisible throughout the destruction process. Not everyone does. You are well within your rights to have concerns about your e-Waste and if it is being destroyed securely. This question-based checklist will help you alleviate any worries you may have. Ask your potential e-Waste disposal company the following things:  

  • Are my electronics being destroyed securely?
  • Can you outline the process? 
  • Is your company certified to carry out secure destruction?
  • Do I have the option of receiving a certificate of destruction for my records?
  • Some places just wipe the data – how can I be sure the device is physically destroyed beyond use?
  • How is the material disposed of post destruction?

The disposal of your e-Waste must be as secure as it is effective. You need to be assured that sensitive information is not exposed to the public, and that includes those who may have a sinister motive for accessing it. We can answer every question on any e-Waste checklist, so we encourage you to contact us and ask us anything you want to. Again, we know you have a choice. So whoever you talk to, ensure you hold them to account in the same way. In this day and age, you can never be too sure.