Bring in archiving expertise to help implement your records management policies.

Get an expert TIMG archivist on site to list your records to Archive NZ standards so decisions around retention, digitisation and destruction become straightforward and simple.

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Keep compliant with the Public Records Act and Archive NZ standards

Take the difficulty out of retention, disposal and digitisation decisions

Gain clarity so that faster decisions can be made that save money.

Taking the complexity out of record keeping

We’ve seen how it has become more difficult for organisations to stay compliant with their paper based record keeping. With the shift to digital ways of working, job roles have changed, staff have moved on and knowledge around physical files has dissipated.

It is more common now to see records wrongly classified and being held for longer than they should “just to be safe”. Where longer retention periods are in fact applicable, cost saving opportunities around digitisation are often missed.

At TIMG we see that compliant archiving is all in the setup. Our Archivists have the expertise to correctly classify your files, set up retention and disposal schedules and upload the metadata on every file so that you have complete visibility of what we take off site to securely archive.

remove complexity from record keeping
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Apply the right retention & disposal schedule

List your records with accurate metadata attached to all files and boxes . This will allow you to make informed decisions on whether you want to digitise, destroy, or retain your documents. 

We have experienced listing teams across New Zealand that will help you list your files to Archives New Zealand standards.

Take control of your records today

When you’re unclear on the contents of your record boxes, it is impossible to make decisions on what to do.

Without effective records management, your documents could sit idle, deteriorate, and potentially breach regulations. We help you ensure that they’re properly catalogued, stored, and handled.

Digitised documents can be uploaded into SAFE as a PDF, searched and integrated into your document management system. You’ll not only be compliant with regulations but also have peace of mind knowing your records are in expert hands.

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Compliance with the Public Records Act & Archive NZ standards made easy


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Our qualified team will review your retention policy to make sure it is compliant


We'll review and update your records

Any records without correct metadata and retention schedule will be updated


You decide what's next

Now you will have full visibility to decide what files need to be retained, disposed of, or digitised

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  • All your records compliant to the Public Records Act 2005
  • Get advice on the right retention & disposal schedule by our qualified records manager
  • Ensure all records are listed to Archives NZ standard
  • Gain control over your information assets