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Businesses are often overwhelmed with growing collections of records. This leads to files becoming disorganised or forgotten, making it harder to follow record keeping legislation and putting you at risk of being non-compliant with NZ law.
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Keep compliant with record keeping legislation

Easily decide whether to keep, digitise or destroy the records

Gain clarity so that faster decisions can be made that save money

Disorganised company records make it hard to comply with legislation

Legally in New Zealand, personnel files must be kept for 6 years and pay records for 7 years. With companies often storing files in a variety of formats, this can become overwhelming. We believe you should be able to access all the records you need to comply with NZ law at the click of a button. 

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Get all your company files compliant with NZ recordkeeping laws

We’ll file all your records with accurate metadata attached to all files and boxes. We have experienced filing teams across New Zealand that will provide advice on whether you should digitise, destroy, or retain your documents.

Records Management as a Service


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Enquire now to discuss how TIMG can assist with the filing of your documents. Our qualified records manager will consult about what you need to do to have your records filed to New Zealand standards and be compliant. This will allow you to make informed decisions about your records.


We'll organise your files

TIMG will come to your site, pack your records and securely transport them to your local branch (or retrieve them from our warehouse). We’ll file and store them with the right retention/disposal schedule.

This will ensure you are compliant.


You can decide what to do next

Now you’ll have metadata recorded against all your files. You’ll be able to decide whether to store them in physical format, digitise them and integrate them into your systems, or destroy the documents if they’re no longer required and have reached the end of their retention period.

Take control of your records today

When you’re unclear on the contents of your record boxes, it is impossible to make decisions on what to do.

Without effective records management, your documents could sit idle, deteriorate, and potentially breach regulations. We help you ensure that they’re properly catalogued, stored, and handled.

Digitised documents can be uploaded into SAFE as a PDF, searched and integrated into your document management system. You’ll not only be compliant with regulations but also have peace of mind knowing your records are in expert hands.

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Contact us today to get started. We’re here to simplify your records management, help you cut storage costs, and comply with legislation.