QuickFile: What Happens To Your Info Once We Receive It?

QuickFile is our new and highly secure document storage service. At this stage, it is available to our clients in the Auckland region, and already the response has been overwhelming. We’re not surprised, as QuickFile means our customers don’t pay for ongoing storage they don’t need. Until now, many customers have been forced to hire storage units or lockups to house confidential files and folders – but they also have to pay for the unused space as well. On the other hand, with QuickFile, instead of paying for an entire storage unit, our customers can store as little as one box, safely and securely.

If you’re considering using our QuickFile service for the storage of your files, you’ll be delighted to know that you’ll only pay for the storage you need, and not for storage space you don’t. But you might want to know what happens to your information once we receive it. It’s a common query, and one we’re happy to answer. 

Your records are collected by our security endorsed drivers, locked in the back of a truck and taken directly to a secure TIMG storage facility. Upon receipt of records to TIMG premises, each archive box will be barcoded and recorded in our secure web portal, SAFE Records, for future access.

Each box is then scanned to a specific final location within one of TIMG’s secure storage facilities. This step ensures complete visibility and accessibility to documents through our SAFE Records platform. Every box you store with TIMG will remain scanned against its warehouse location for the duration of its retention period. It’s as safe and as secure as it can possibly be and it isn’t going anywhere unless you require it back for any reason, or you confirm in writing with TIMG that you would like the contents in it securely destroyed.

As you’ve just read, there is nothing random or haphazard about QuickFile. We follow very strict procedures and protocols, from the moment our licenced TIMG staff collect the records from you and through every step until your records are placed in their final location in our secure storage facility. If you’re a small business in the Auckland region and looking for affordable storage for confidential information, you can rely on QuickFile. If you have any more questions about how it works, and the steps we take to keep your records secure, we invite you to contact TIMG and we will happily answer every query to put your mind at ease.