Our Records Management And Your Privacy

With our vast experience in records management, we know as well as you do that New Zealand’s recordkeeping legislation is a diverse, complex and sometimes bewildering collection of laws. As it relates to business information management in New Zealand, financial and commercial legislation requires you to provide financial reporting on transactions, GST and income tax. Meanwhile, employment legislation means you must keep track of holidays, wage records, contracts and so much more. 

You are probably aware of all this, but you might not know how we can help to make your records management processes so much more efficient and totally compliant. TIMG is short for The Information Management Group – and that’s exactly what we do. By managing your business information, we can help you make sense of all the paper, files and storage boxes that you need to hold onto to meet your legal obligations. For more than 30 years, we’ve been solving information management challenges for thousands of businesses of all sizes across New Zealand, and we can do the same for you. By trusting TIMG to handle your records management, your confidential documents are in secure hands and privacy is protected. This is more important than ever, thanks to the introduction of an act in 2020 that places a greater onus on you to look after the personal information in your possession.

The NZ Privacy Act (2020) contains 13 information privacy principles that clearly articulate how your organisation should handle any personal information. The Act promotes risk management of personal information held by any organisation or business (agency). If a privacy breach causes serious harm or is likely to do so, the affected agency must notify the Privacy Commissioner. It should go without saying – but we’ll say it anyway – that it is essential that any personal information you gather is securely stored to avoid a data breach under the increasingly stringent Privacy Act. 

By outsourcing the storage of this sensitive information to us, you can virtually guarantee its security and not expose yourself and your clients to any risk resulting from loss, damage or unauthorised access. Our premises and processes have been built, tested and approved with that in mind, and they meet all industry guidelines and regulations. Contact us to find out more about records management in general, and how it will enhance efficiency as well as privacy – both yours and everyone you deal with.