How Secure Off-site Document Storage Will Save You Money

Managing your own document storage is risky, cumbersome, time-consuming, labour-intensive and, as a result, expensive. Given all the pitfalls of DIY storage, you are not really managing the process at all. You’re giving up control of security, human resource management, work practices and your budget. On the other hand, a secure document storage service via a third party puts you back in charge of what you’re good at, while they concentrate on safeguarding your documents, and which saves you money in the long run.

The money-saving benefits of an off-site document storage service are based on a number of factors. For example, there are fewer upfront costs for you including expensive storage and security equipment, as well as labour, and storage space. At the same time, you can also add value to your brand while reducing costs. This is achieved by highlighting the secure nature of the service to your own customers. When they become aware of how you look after their confidential information, your name becomes synonymous with security and discretion – essential qualities that add lustre and help to secure customer retention in the years ahead.  

The cost benefits from this service are many. When you use off-site storage space, you enhance efficiency in your workplace as more space and better workflow practices equal more productivity. Plus, your records are methodically organised into archive boxes pre-storage. Should you need to access any of the data stored off-site, this makes it easy for you to track down and access the information you need, saving you time (and therefore money) while preserving the complete security that makes your business look so good. 

For even faster retrievals, you can do what an increasing number of TIMG’s existing clients are doing and use our Scan-on-Demand service. This is an alternative to having your physical files and records delivered; we scan, upload and provide approved access to digital copies of your files via our secure online portal.

Finally, let’s not forget that data breaches are expensive. Every other week there will be an article in the news about organisations encountering information security incidents. Having both secure physical and digital copies of information is a smart strategy that more and more businesses are looking to. According to global Virtual Private Network provider, Atlas VPN, the average financial damages caused by a data breach increased by nearly 10% this year to $4.24 million, the highest spike since 2015. Obviously, a data breach can be hugely damaging in many respects, not only in regard to the mind-boggling expense but also in reputational harm. Anything you can do to mitigate the consequences of a breach, including taking full advantage of all of our related data security services, is well worth investigating and can save you from significant financial loss.

Summary of Savings through Secure Off-site Document Storage:

  • Save money on upfront costs – expensive storage and security equipment, as well as labour, and storage space.
  • Improve customer retention by highlighting the secure steps you take in protecting your customers’ information
  • Save time and money by improving workplace efficiency – highly organised files and an organised workspace
  • Prevent costly data loss through the affordable backup method of storing physical and digital hard-copies

These are all great reasons to contact us to ask about secure document storage and to find out what else we can do to protect your information.