How records management works

Records management is the most secure, efficient and cost-effective way to protect your businesses records and assets. Working with an information management organisation that offers specialist storage and backup of your files allows you to store, manage and access all your physical files in a digital format whilst they are protected from outside threats and unforeseen circumstances; such as floods or fires.


Effective records storage and record-keeping help you locate the information you need when you need it. It creates accurate records to keep your information organized and available.


Why storing off-site is necessary:

  • Safeguard your sensitive information against hacking and intruders in a secure offsite location.
  • Increase space in the office and efficiency of your office by removing large, unsightly record keeping storage and replacing it with offsite digital storage.
  • Easily access all your files at the click of a button and save time manually searching for the physical copy.
  • Free-up time, allow your staff to concentrate on their job rather than spending time filing records.


This solution is right for you if:

  • You have legislative or internal process requirements to retain documents for a specified period
  • You require easy access to both physical and digital records
  • You want a totally secure and audited solution


TIMG’s leading records management service provides secure document storage for organisations of all sizes. We take safety seriously, from our vehicles to our buildings and our staff. Our advanced SAFE Records software offers you complete and efficient management of your records. Our integrated visualisation and data destruction services provide a complete and seamless solution.


With nationwide record archiving facilities combined with rigorous and secure processes, TIMG promises the peace of mind that comes when you entrust your records to an organisation in New Zealand. TIMG makes it easy to archive, retrieve and manage critical business information. With solutions tailored to your needs, whether you are managing your records at the document, file or archive box level, TIMG provides long-term archiving solutions in New Zealand. 


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