Bespoke backup services: Always have a plan B

We believe in always having a plan B. Running a business doesn’t allow time for making mistakes and you may not be able to afford losing important data from your business. To ensure your plan B is taken care of, TIMG will develop a bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution for you. This is an important step in protecting your company’s digital foundations.

In this digital age, too many people are one step away from disaster. Even the more responsible amongst us who back up drives regularly aren’t as secure as needed when we’re talking about whole businesses who rely on the data in question. Only with a bespoke solution can you truly be sure you’re fully protected. Data loss isn’t an enjoyable experience. 


How can TIMG protect my business?

Rather than creating a solution for your business, we work with you to build a managed Enterprise backup solution that is tailored directly to your business needs and your budget. No matter how complex the environment is, our cost-effective solutions can be simply implemented to effectively protect the safety and accessibility of your data.

Read more about our backonline solutions we have to offer here. Trials are available and free 1 hour consulting sessions.

Our expert consultants offer objective and independent advice to support you through the process of achieving your desired outcome. All our solutions meet global regulations and compliance standards, meaning your data is safe, secure and recoverable whilst in our care. Working across many industries means we’re trusted by over 15,000 organisations in New Zealand and Australia. We’ve built our business around the core services that can benefit your company from today.


The Benefits of TIMG’s Backup Consultancy

You’ll work with specialists in business continuity and information security management. These fully certified consultants will develop your backup and recovery plan fitting the unique requirements of each business we connect with. 


  1. Experience: Over 30 years of proven experience across a multitude of industries
  2. Flexibility: We offer flexible, bespoke solutions for you.
  3. Outside perspective: We offer alternative and unbiased expert opinions.


All you have to do to make the first move in protecting your data is fill in a quick online enquiry form. With offices across the North Island and South Island, we’re always on hand to help. Get in touch or find your local TIMG branch today. With fully managed and supported backups 24/7, you’ll feel secure and protected, no matter the problem.