Take Your Data Storage To New Heights In 2022

For the sake of simplicity, security, and information retrieval, make a New Years resolution to take your data storage to new heights in 2022. It’s not difficult for your organisation to achieve that lofty ambition with us.


As one year draws to a close and a new one lies ahead, now is the time to consider your data storage practices and how to improve those systems in preparation for the coming year. We believe we have the solution for superior online data back-up and full disaster recovery using scalable cloud storage and secure cloud backup. But what is a cloud storage and how can it benefit your business?


Cloud storage is a model that stores data on the Internet through a cloud computing provider which manages and operates data storage as a service. This provides you with any time, anywhere data access. Depending on the size of your organisation and your specific requirements, we will design a bespoke, scalable, customised and cost-effective data backup and disaster recovery solution. BackOnline is our flexible and versatile system that backs up a full site failure with both off-site and on-site servers.


Benefits of cloud storage 


  • Managing costs: With cloud storage, there is no hardware to purchase. You can add or remove capacity on-demand, quickly change performance and retention characteristics, and only pay for storage that you actually use.


  • Time: With access to being online you have any time, anywhere data access to Cloud storage. It allows the user to quickly deliver the exact amount of storage needed, right when it’s needed. Leaving you to focus on what else is important instead of having to self-manage storage systems.


  • Information management: Using cloud storage management policies means you can perform powerful information management tasks including automated tiering or locking down data in support of compliance requirements.


  • Workload: If you’re still relying on employees to manage data backup, save their time and yours by switching to a new expert approach. A great way to streamline workloads.


  •  Data backup: Having a data backup gives you a disaster recovery solution. This allows you the ability to access your data and keep working after and also, while a disaster happens.


If your current data storage system is out of date, information will be impossible to retrieve when disaster strikes. BackOnline takes charge of all this, from data storage to backup processes. With the layers of protection offered, your data will be more secure than your current on-site storage.


Let’s discuss a safer, easier, and more secure approach in the new year. Contact us at TIMG and take your data storage to new heights in 2022.