Information Management In The Legal Sector

All of the different solutions we deliver are connected by our responsibility to provide secure and efficient information management. No matter who we work with, we take our role very seriously. Our work with the legal sector is no exception. From secure document storage to proper disposal of e-Waste, firms and organisations within the legal field depend on us to do the right thing for them, and for their clients.

The New Zealand Law Society states that “a lawyer must hold all information about the affairs of clients in confidence indefinitely. This requirement is subject to limited exceptions, which are provided for in the  Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008 (RCCC).”

At the same time, there’s the need to uphold the long-established common law protection afforded to lawyers’ clients by legal professional privilege (LPP). LPP is seen as a human right that allows for a client to fully discuss matters with their lawyer. The client is entitled to disclose all relevant matters to their lawyer knowing that these communications cannot be disclosed or compelled. 

The information passed on from client to lawyer is obviously sensitive and confidential. And while the vast majority of legal firms are very good at what they do – practising the law – the protection of the information in their possession is best handled by third-party specialists in that particular field. That is where we come in.

We work in partnership with a number of legal organisations in New Zealand and Australia to ensure the compliance and security of their data. For example, TIMG offers traditional vault based storage as well as cloud-hosted solutions and disaster recovery for managing backups. Our records management service also provides secure and reliable physical document storage for legal organisations of all sizes.

TIMG also offers services related to document destruction, from onsite secure bins to bulk destruction of documents and records. Meanwhile, our e-Waste service provides peace of mind by ensuring that any sensitive data residing on decommissioned computers or storage equipment is not able to be accessed by the wrong people. 

The information generated by any legal firm or organisation will always be highly confidential and needs to be managed with the utmost care. If you’re working within the legal sector and want to better manage that information, contact TIMG and we’ll give you the reassurance you’re seeking, and the security your clients are entitled to.