All Is Not Lost! BackOnline Cloud Storage Will Save You

 BackOnline is our solution for online data back-up and full disaster recovery using scalable cloud storage and secure cloud backup solutions. Everyone needs to be able to access their sensitive information, including large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and individuals using their own PCs and laptops. Yet while everyone needs this access, you’d be amazed how many people and organizations take an “it’ll be right” approach and have next to nothing in place for when the unthinkable happens.  

BackOnline fixes all that and in the easiest way possible. It can manage a single server failure right through to full site failure with both off-site and on-site servers. This isn’t a one size fits all solution, either. Depending on size and requirements, we can design a scalable, customised and cost-effective data backup and disaster recovery solution. BackOnline works for all types of organisations and our reliable, managed back-ups allow files to be recovered and entire servers to be restored in a matter of minutes, not days, so you can virtually carry on with business as usual. 

Too many organisations still rely on their employees to manage the all-important task of data backup, and sometimes it’s something that is done sporadically rather than frequently. BackOnline resolves this problem by being an automatic “set & forget” process: each night, a days’ worth of incremental data changes are backed up across your internet connection to a remote server. You receive a detailed report by email confirming the success of your scheduled backup. 

When data is backed up off-site, there are often questions and even apprehension about its security. Let us reassure you. We can provide secure off-site data storage with dual NZ based datacentre replication, premium encryption and high-level data security along with free DR activation and testing. Thanks to these multiple layers of protection, your data is as secure, if not more so, than your current on-site storage.

We invite you to contact us to discuss BackOnline cloud storage and backup. Because when disaster strikes, it will be good to know that all is not lost!