TIMG & S3 Object Storage

S3 compatible storage, local and scalable to suit your needs


Local storage at a cheaper rate than the public cloud

TIMG & S3 Object Storage is for data that is generally accessed less often. The low storage and retrieval fees make it perfect for long-term storage of archival data and backups, and as a data store for disaster recovery.

“Because TIMG helped me determine my archive/storage strategy, I was able to better understand the overall cost of my solution. It pays to consult with a savvy partner”
– Dave, IT Infrastructure Manager SFX Production Company

Cost-Effective Archive Storage



Enterprise class Ceph Object Storage for bulk S3 data. Archival, long-term storage.



Connect via shared Internet connection, (limited to 100mbps). Or, Interconnect directly via one of our supported Interconnect Data Centres (Auckland & Sydney) at 1gbps, or Megaport connectivity.

data security

Data Security

To increase security, your Object Storage data can be spread across a minimum of two of our data centres for a small fee.

features support

Features Support

Provides Object Storage functionality with an interface that is compatible with a large subset of the Amazon S3 RESTful API.
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Access our Object Storage Through Compatible Vendors

  • Commvault
  • Veritas
  • Quest
  • Hycu

  • StorageCraft
  • Veeam
  • DellEMC
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Object Storage Availability Options


Single-site storage

  • No upload charges
  • TIMG standard storage
  • Data stored at one site
  • N+2 storage redundancy
  • N+1 network redundancy

Multi-site storage

  • No upload charges
  • No download charges
  • Data stored at two sites
  • N+2 storage redundancy at each site
  • N+1 network redundancy

Certification and Compliance

TIMG manages sensitive data – both physical and digital – for many sectors such as Government and Finance, who by their very nature, require the highest level of security and compliance.  TIMG adheres to and complies with all applicable legislative requirements relevant to information security.


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