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We are compliant with the Public Records Act & Digital Recordkeeping Standard. Our experienced staff are fully security vetted.

Cost Efficient

Save money on document storage fees as well as employee time spent searching for and filing business information.

Full Chain of Custody

We can collect, digitise, host, archive, return or destroy your files. We are the only NZ provider who can offer this full chain of custody.

Quality Assurance

Scanned images undergo a quality assurance process to ensure all images are accurate and are a true representation of the original.

TIMG’s document scanning solutions will provide you with the most efficient way to convert your business’s physical files into digital formats. Let us assist you with digital transformation to make your information easier to search, access and store.

“By having TIMG undertake this piece of work for us… it meant that we could get on with other priority work and know that this project was in hands we could trust”

– Donna Officer, Tauranga City Council

Our Scanning Solution Includes


Document Imaging & Indexing

Convert physical files and records to indexed digital images and associated metadata, making them easy to search, retrieve and organise.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR converts scanned images and text into searchable digital formats making electronic keyword searches easy and fast.


Automated Document & Data Capture

A combination of OCR and handwriting recognition software captures data from a variety of scanned document types such as forms, invoices and more.

The entire process managed by one provider, from start to finish



We will collect physical files from your premises to be securely transported to your local TIMG branch for digitisation.



All staples, tape, Post-its and anything else that may interfere with the scanning process is removed by our experienced team.



Our scanners can process a variety of document types and will produce a ‘like for like’ image that meets the requirements of the Public Records Act 2005.

All images undergo a quality assurance process.

organisation of scanned data


We will name the files according to your specifications, making them easy to search, retrieve and organise.



Digital files will be securely provided to you based on your requirements. Options include: via our secure online hosting platform (SAFE Digital), SFTP transfer or encrypted USB drive.

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Once file digitisation is complete, we offer storage options for both your digital, and physical documents. We can physically archive your files in our secure warehouses or we can host your information in our secure online hosting platform (SAFE Digital).

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Lastly, we can securely destroy (and recycle) your physical information if you do not wish to archive or host it with TIMG. Alternatively, we can securely return your files to your premises.

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Benefits of outsourcing your Digitisation Project to TIMG

Outsource the risk

Scanning in-house puts you at risk due to inexperience and human error. Leave the job to the experts who have experienced staff that understand the importance of KPI’s and quality assurance.

Accessibility & Searchability

Digital data and information is more readily accessible across the organisation and is also searchable, meaning you can quickly search thousands of files for required information.

Cost Savings

Digital storage is cheaper than physical storage and retrieval, therefore saving you money. Reduce costs on labour, imaging software licensing, scanning equipment and maintenance.


Securely scan and store documents for improved business continuity. We are compliant with the Public Records Act and Digital Recordkeeping Standard. Visit our certification and security pages for more information.


Using TIMG provides you with flexibility to scale a team up or down depending on your digitisation requirements at any given time.


Our NZ business has scanning bureaus and branches nationwide, so we’re always nearby.

Do you want to store and search your digital documents instantly and at minimal cost?

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Try our data search engine: OpenDiscover

Store your digital files online and enable instantaneous searching of documents, emails, spreadsheets, PDF’s, images and more via a simple Google-type search tool that utilises powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to find documents quickly and easily.

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