Stocka 3PL: The Right Products To The Right Customers

To a very large extent, a company’s reputation rises, or falls, on the efficiency of its product distribution. While many New Zealand organisations boast an outstanding product catalogue, they’re not quite as adept at getting the right thing to the right customer. At TIMG, we don’t want your good name to be tarnished by poor distribution, which is why we encourage you to find out more about our 3rd party logistics company, Stocka.

Whether you’re handling your own packing and dispatch with mixed results, or have placed your trust in another logistics provider, Stocka can provide a far more effective distribution service. It’s a claim we can make with a good degree of confidence, thanks in no small part to our relationship with our parent company Freightways.

TIMG is a Freightways brand, and that gives you a competitive edge right from the start. That connection means you’re dealing with two brands that understand that growing your business is about getting the right products to customers on time. Freightways have been doing that for a long time through some of our sister companies such as New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste and Castle Parcels, and as such, we give you access to competitive rates across one of the largest freight networks in New Zealand.

So, how would Stocka 3rd party logistics work for you? As you’ll see, it’s the essence of simplicity:

  1. Your stock is shipped to our warehouses where it awaits dispatch to your customers. We have distribution facilities in major hubs to speed up delivery and save money on freight.
  2. We provide you with extensive reporting. Our proprietary WMS can be integrated with your order generation platforms. Our experienced IT team will assist with integration. Weekly or monthly electronic reporting can be set up across a broad range of distribution data, depending on client requirements.
  3. We pack and dispatch according to your requirements, with orders sent directly and promptly to your consumer or business customers.

In this day and age of instant fulfilment, no one wants to wait. Your distribution strategy needs to be sharper, faster and far more efficient than ever before. Stocka 3PL is third party logistics that helps you deliver a first-class delivery response to your customers, be it dozens of items or hundreds of pallets. At the same time, it allows you to concentrate on those parts of your business that you excel at, safe in the knowledge that your distribution is always on track – and that’s something WE excel at. To get the right products to the right customers, and on time, contact us and let’s discuss Stocka 3PL.