Speedy Delivery Means Happy Customers

While prompt dispatch is always important, you might be heartened to know that consumers don’t expect instant delivery…just yet. However, they do assume their order will be processed and shipped in a timely manner. Statista, a German company specialising in market and consumer data, says that half of consumers are willing to wait two days for delivery, and a quarter are happy with a delivery timeframe of three to four days. What is also important, according to the consumers Statista spoke to, is that the order is correctly processed in the first place. In other words, the right product to the right person.

Meanwhile, American workflow management company Smartsoft says 33% of shoppers cite on-time delivery as the third most important factor in post-delivery satisfaction behind the value and quality of the item. The Baymard Institute, an organisation that conducts large-scale research studies on all aspects of the online user experience, states that 16% of consumers abandon a cart because of projected slow delivery times. Incidentally, the Institute’s research found that exorbitant extra costs, including high shipping rates, were the number one reason for abandoning a cart. 

Meeting the challenge of providing a speedy and affordable dispatch is more important than ever. The global market for eCommerce sales was NZD 5.5 trillion dollars in 2020, double that of 2016. eCommerce sales now represent about 20% of all global retail spending, a figure that will grow massively in the COVID era. With more consumers now wanting items brought to their door instead of having to go out and get them, retailers who consistently manage prompt delivery will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.  

That is easier said than done. While many businesses have set themselves up to cash in on the eCommerce boom, they often lag behind when it comes to efficient product dispatch. They might be good at producing things, but not so good at getting those things to their customers. TIMG are good at this.    

Stocka is a TIMG brand, a 3rd party logistics provider and a Freightways brand, meaning our sister companies include New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste and Castle Parcels. We can, therefore, give you competitive rates across one of the largest freight networks in New Zealand. 

  1. Your stock is shipped to our warehouses where it awaits dispatch to your customers. We have distribution facilities in major hubs to speed up delivery and save money on freight.
  2. We provide you with extensive reporting.  Our proprietary WMS can be integrated with your order generation platforms. Our experienced IT team will assist with integration, providing weekly, or monthly electronic reporting across a broad range of distribution data, depending on client requirements.
  3. We pack and dispatch according to your requirements, with orders sent directly and promptly to your consumer or business customers. 

We can take the complex issue of dispatch out of your hands and look after it for you. As eCommerce becomes the norm in New Zealand, it’s vital you deliver what the customer wants and when they want it.  Contact TIMG and let us take on that responsibility.