TIMG's eDestroy services provides you with peace of mind that sensitive data residing on decommissioned computer or storage equipment is not able to be accessed by the wrong people. Our eDestroy service renders the equipment useless, protecting any data still stored on the device. To ensure your compliance and the security of your data, call us today to find out more!

Solutions Offered:

  • Single hard drive destruction through to complete IT asset decommission and secure disposal. Whether it's a single drive or a multiple seat disposal, TIMG has the solution for you.
  • The pickup from your premises and secure transport to TIMG's facilities is point to point which ensures chain of custody through-out.
  • The destruction of media is to the highest security standard in NZ, which means there is no way your data will ever be able to be read or accessed.
  • The process ensures your IT equipment has no data residing within it when it is securely disposed of or recycled, depending on your preference.

Features of our Secure Digital Media Destruction Services:

  • We ensure physical destruction of digital media to particle size.
  • With a secure point to point transport solution, we provide a complete chain of custody.
  • TIMG has the highest security processes in New Zealand (including security cameras, licensed security personnel, secure vehicles and secure facilities).
  • A Certificate of Destruction is issued for your records confirming the secure destruction of your hardware (if requested).
  • Solutions tailored for households, SMEs or corporates decommissioning hardware in bulk.
  • Optional service available to back-up data to secure cloud hosted platform prior to destruction.