Customised Workflow Solutions

Almost any paper based business process can be made more efficient with the application of workflow software. By automating business processes and decision making, your business will gain greater control, visibility and consistency within your processes.

Our PaperLite platform allows us to customise automated workflows specific to your business requirements. Workflow applications that will deliver benefit to your business include:

  • Human Resources Workflow: An automated workflow tool will streamline your hiring and on-boarding processes. By removing complexity and implementing a technology driven process, you will have an HR process that is easy to follow for your hiring managers, whilst also protecting your business through the application of a rigorous and compliant HR framework.
  • Employee Requests Management: Utilising the eForm capabilities within the platform, PaperLite is able to streamline processes for frequent employee requests. Suitable forms to be automated and applied to a workflow include employee leave forms, employee expenditure or requisition requests and changes requests for payroll. The PaperLite platform is able to be integrated with your other databases to provide automated rule based workflow steps. This guides your employees through the request process, and ensures appropriate supporting information and authorisation requirements are met.
  • Application Processing and Web Query Distribution: PaperLite is able to be integrated to your website forms and applications to receive the data and route to a predefined workflow queue dependent on the nature of the application or request. This means your web queries are delivered to the most appropriate person in your business, resulting in a quicker turn around for processing orders or enquiries.