Secure Distribution Services

Secure Distribution Services provides the ultimate in secure warehousing for products that are either very desirable if redeemed or require close control because of their potential value should they get into the market in an unauthorised manner. We provide services for a range of government departments and corporates who have a requirement to retain tight control over stock and distribution.

Our Distribution Solutions:

High Security 3rd Party Logistics

We specialise in products that require special security, are desirable or are commercially sensitive.

Publications Management and Stock Control

  • Publications requiring controlled updates eg legal and health sectors
  • Specialised Document Collation Service
  • National & International Distribution
  • Environmentally Controlled Storage: Humidity and Temperature controlled

Product management

Whether you require all or just aspects of the supply chain, we can manage reordering, receiving, storing, order taking, despatching, invoicing and online payment processing.

Reverse Logistics

In the event of a product recall, product can be collected from multiple collection points and tracked to their return back to a consolidation point.

Serviced Offices

Fully serviced offices complete with stock warehousing enables a small branch operation to be established without the expense or need for a standalone warehouse.

Customer Service Functions

Phones can be answered on your behalf, queries answered and product despatched direct to your customer.

The Benefits of a Secure Distribution Solution

  • Security Cleared Personnel: Due to the potential nature of product to be handled, all staff security cleared by the Justice Department and NZ Police.
  • Database Management: A seamless interface enables online ordering of product with you, the client having a high level of visibility through comprehensive reporting.
  • Audited stocktakes, with full accountability for any stock shrinkage.
  • 24/7 On call service.