SME Solutions

TIMG is your information management specialist. We have the solutions you need to protect your business information and data - right here.

TIMG provides secure management of business information, both electronic and paper-based. We provide these services to businesses and government departments throughout New Zealand and are focused on helping customers manage and protect their information for business compliance.

Whether you are a large company or a flourishing start-up, all businesses have legislative requirements to retain records and to protect confidential information. Our Small Business Solutions range provides a range of information management products in one place, making it easy for you to manage your business's confidential information.

TIMG is a New Zealand business, and we take security seriously. All our services comply with or exceed appropriate international codes of practice. We have a range of products for secure, off-site storage and document destruction to suit your business. With locations across New Zealand, state of the art security and 24 hour call out service, we can take care of the legislative requirements of retaining your records so you can focus on growing your business.


Are your records cluttering up your garage, shed or roof space? Do you have confidential documents that you no longer use every day but need to save for IRD and legal requirements? Our high levels of security along with our reputation for reliability, give you reassurance that your records will be confidentially lodged, stored, retrieved and transported into one of our state of the art document storage warehouses.

With locations across New Zealand, easy to use web site, and scan on demand for urgent retrievals, we give you all the tools you need to manage your records off-site.

Storage for up to 100 boxes $25.00 + GST per week*

* Note transport to our facility, archive boxes, document retrieval and destruction incur additional fees. Please complete our web form or call 0800 SECURITY for more information.

To discuss your requirements either call us on 0800 SECURITY or send an enquiry.


We are dedicated to ensuring that your business is not exposed to any security threats arising from discarded information. We provide a range of services from on-site secure bins to bulk destruction of documents and records. As members of the New Zealand Security Association, we give you peace of mind that your confidential information will not end up where it shouldn't.

Security and Recycling

With TIMG's destruction process, you are not only securely destroying your documents but also helping the environment! After your documents are destroyed they are baled and recycled to pulp. For every metric tonne of paper we recycle, we save the environment 17 trees, two barrels of oil, and 25kgs of air pollution. We are also proud to be a CEMARS certified organisation. This means our greenhouse gas emissions are measured in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2006 and we are committed to managing and reducing our relative emissions.

Casual Use

If you are within one of our service zones, we will deliver a 240 litre destruction bin which you can fill with paper documents that require secure destruction. You are able to keep the bin on-site for one week. We will then collect the bin and securely destroy the contents.

For pricing please refer to the table below. Note that these prices include GST. If your location is not listed or you have any questions, please send an enquiry.

Auckland $69
Christchurch $74.75
Dunedin $74.75
Hamilton $74.75
New Plymouth $74.75
Palmerston North $74.75
Wellington $63.25
Hastings $78.20

Click here to order a bin

Please note: You will require a credit card for payment. Prices include GST.

Regular Use

Alternatively, we can also supply you with a regular, scheduled destruction service. To discuss your requirements either call us on 0800 SECURITY or send an enquiry.


As well as confidentially destroying paper records, we also securely destroy computer hardware. This means that as well as disposing of your old computer hard drives and storage devices in an environmentally friendly manner, you are also protecting the information retained on the device.

From as little as $20 we can provide the secure media destruction solution to meet your needs. To discuss your requirements either call us on 0800 SECURITY or send an enquiry.

Data Protection and Back-Up

BackOnline is our specialised New Zealand based service that offers online data back-up and full disaster recovery (DR) solutions for large businesses or corporates, SME's and individuals with personal computers or laptops. The solution caters for anything from single server failure to full site failure with both off-site and on-site servers. We hold the ability to design scalable and customised solutions to create a cost effective data back-up and disaster recovery solution that best suits you, or your business. BackOnline is ideal for all types of organisations including remote sites, offering advanced technology and an affordable solution.

Unlike conventional back-ups, your critical data is encrypted (256-bit), compressed and then uploaded to remote servers hosted by BackOnline via 'Secure Sockets Layer' with enhanced security. All aspects of the BackOnline Service are New Zealand based, including the data storage.

A BackOnline solution provides more than a business relationship, we become a partner to your organisation by customising solutions to individual needs and requirements for any enterprise, large or small.

$10 + GST per laptop per month Unlimited data*

* Fair use policy applies

To discuss your requirements either call us on 0800 SECURITY or send an enquiry.