FileSaver is a specialised pre-paid file archiving service that enables firms to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of file archiving, storage and retrieval activities. The FileSaver solution charges are based on a one-off charge that includes the cost of transporting the file to our premises, cataloguing its contents, lodging it into store, storing it for its lifetime, and destroying it when it reaches the end of its retention period. This makes it simple for you to on-charge document storage costs to your clients.

Solution Benefits:

  • A simple pre-paid pricing structure allowing you to easily charge disbursement costs to clients.
  • Files are scanned and uploaded to our secure web portal to allow fast access.
  • All files undergo a rigorous quality assurance process after scanning to ensure all extracted metadata is 100% accurate.
  • Files are securely destroyed at the end of the retention period (upon your approval)
  • We offer an efficient retrieval system if you need to have the physical file returned to you. Alternatively, you can view the scanned image on our secure portal.
  • With a scheduled collection of closed files, you will be able to free up staff and space.