Imaging and Advanced Document Capture

TIMG's data capture and management solutions will provide you with the most cost effective and efficient document conversion outcomes. Our advanced software and hardware, combined with our very high security protocols, deliver a wide range of advanced workflow tools and integrated document archiving and destruction services that provide you with a complete imaging solution.

Featured services include:

File Digitisation

Our most widely adopted imaging service provides the conversion of business files and records to digital images and associated metadata. This can include digitisation of historical files and records, ongoing or newly created files, or a combination of both. These services prove most effective for businesses who need to quickly access information from stored documents and who want to reduce the time it takes for staff to manually search and retrieve files and documents. Digital file management provides many benefits to our customers, including speed of access, greater document security and ability for multiple people to work on the same active file.

Advanced Data Capture - Application, Contract and Invoice Processing

As well as our imaging services for digitising files, TIMG also offer enhanced data extraction services, for complex indexing requirements which commonly assist in removing in-house data entry. This can include new client contracts, application forms, or invoices. Once scanned and indexed we can provide images and extracted metadata in the required format for a seamless upload into your CRM, Financial System, or ERP software. Our scanning and data capture service automatically classifies document types and extracts data from a wide variety of documents, using a wide range of character and information capture techniques including IDR, OMR, OCR, ICR and barcode recognition.

Safe Digital

Our Safe Digital web portal is a secure platform for viewing and electronically archiving your scanned images. Hosted in New Zealand, and replicated to a back-up data centre, Safe Digital provides a robust solution for accessing your images securely. Safe Digital is developed by our own developers, so is designed to match the requirements of NZ businesses. You are able to determine access levels by document classification, ensuring your sensitive information is not accessed by unauthorised staff.