Digital Mailroom

Although your business may now receive a larger proportion of electronic mail and invoices, you are also likely to be receiving physical mail that needs to be sorted, opened and distributed. Many of our customers find that receiving and tracking a mix of electronic and physical mail can create issues within the business. In order to retain consistency within your processes, your staff may be printing electronic invoices, which can become a time costly exercise.

To resolve this issue, TIMG has developed The Mailroom to combine your physical and electronic mail in one web based portal. The Mailroom allows your staff to view, distribute and manage your inbound business mail all backed by our unparalleled data security. As well as providing a single platform for all inbound business mail, The Mailroom replicates the best parts of a physical mail process by giving staff the ability to archive, destroy, return to sender, or retrieve a physical mail item. Whether your business operates a large high volume mailroom, or you manage a small inbound mailbag, our digital mailroom solution offers a simple, digital solution to your physical workflow.

Solution Benefits:

  • Consolidate your mail processing costs and increase efficiency
  • Convert mail into a more usable and flexible format
  • Initiate business processes in a timely manner and improve customer service and responsiveness
  • Track the progress of correspondence and reduce misdirection or lost mail items
  • Increase security by identifying confidential documents at point of capture and encrypting them for transmission
  • Meet regulatory requirements, archive compliance and improve accountability

Digital Mailroom Process

Digital Mailroom Process