Document Destruction

TIMG's Document Destruction Service is dedicated to keeping your business safe from any security threats from discarded information. We provide a range of services for document destruction, from onsite secure bins through to bulk destruction documents and records.

Document Destruction Service

TIMG's Document Destruction Services provide secure and confidential destruction bins to your business premises for the disposal of paper products. The bins are available in 240 and 120 litres to fit any size of business. These can be organised as needed or set up on a scheduled collection to fit your company.

Along with secure point to point transport and complete chain of custody documentation leaves you with peace of mind. We destroy the documents with compliance to NAID AAA standards, this means the paper is cross shredded to a maximum width of 16mm and then baled. This renders the output impossible to recompile. All destroyed paper is then recycled to pulp, so not only are you securely and safely destroying documents you're helping save the environment. We save the environment 17 trees, two barrels of oil and 25kgs of air pollution.

Along with the Bin services we can also collect and destroy large quantities of paper as required. This may be applicable if your business is moving locations or having a large office clean out. To make it easy you don't need to use our bins this can be collected by the box or pallet.

Document Destruction Pricing

Casual Use

If you are within one of our service zones, we will deliver a 240 litre destruction bin which you can fill with paper documents that require secure destruction. You are able to keep the bin on site for one week. We will then collect the bin and securely destroy the contents.

For pricing please refer to the table below. Note that these prices include gst. If your location is not listed or you have any questions, please send an enquiry.

Auckland $70.90
Christchurch $79.35
Dunedin $79.35
Hamilton $76.82
New Plymouth $74.95
Palmerston North $74.95
Wellington $65
Hastings $80.50

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Please note: You will require a credit card for payment. Prices include GST.

Regular Use

Alternatively, we can also supply you with a regular, scheduled destruction service. To discuss your requirements either call us on 0800 SECURITY or send an enquiry.