Archive Security

TIMG's Archive Security Service provides secure and reliable document storage for organisations of all sizes. With facilities throughout New Zealand, rigorous and secure processes and the peace of mind that comes from entrusting your documents with a New Zealand based organisation, TIMG will optimise your records management processes. Our records management software has been specifically designed for NZ requirements, making it simple for you to lodge, retrieve and manage your business critical information.

The Benefits of Archive Security Services:

  • Customised solutions to match your requirements, whether you manage your records at document, file or archive box level.
  • Stability of dealing with a NZ company that's been providing records management solutions in NZ since 1974.
  • A completely secure solution we take security seriously from our vehicles, to our buildings and our staff.
  • Advanced records management software giving you full management of your records.
  • Integrated imaging and destruction services to provide a seamless solution.

Why Store Records Offsite?

For many businesses the value of office and floor space can often mean that efficient storage and management of files and documents is an issue. In addition to this, the security of your records and files should also be considered to ensure that your business is not exposed to any risk resulting from loss, damage or unauthorised access of your documents. Other benefits of offsite storage include:

  • Secure and purpose built facilities with advanced fire protection and climate management.
  • Protection of business assets in the case of a disaster , theft or employee sabotage.
  • Better utilisation of your own resources be it employees or physical space.
  • Increased efficiency.

Safe Digital

Our Records management tool Safe is a secure platform for full management of files, from organising records retrieval to destruction. Safe Digital is developed by our own developers, so designed to match the requirements of NZ businesses. You can organise different levels of access by staff, ensuring that your sensitive information is not accessed by unauthorised staff.